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This extract is a designed for superior absorption and assimilation. We use an Organic Dual Extracted Turmeric, CO2 Turmeric oil, and Whole Turmeric infused into Organic First Cold-pressed Tunisian Olive Oil. It glows with a vibrant orange and just a few drops can do for some.  This mixture is emulsified with our sunflower lecithin for better assimilation.  We also add black pepper due to the synergistic effect it has with the absoption of Turmeric.  We then complete our process by bottling in Biophotonic Miron Glass- the best preservation glass in the world!

Turmeric is a prominent part of Asian culture, especially in India as a dye and culinary spice. For thousands of years people have enjoyed it’s brilliant pigments and warming flavor. It has also been used extensively as a herbal remedy for many physical problems which we recommend you research the web for more info on particular health benefits.

Turmeric is a unique herb because it does double duty. In particular, turmeric acts as a biological protector through 2 definitive actions:

1. Directly shielding bodily functions from harmful toxic substances

2. Indirectly, by increasing the power and speed of the bodies’ waste removal and immune functions

Recent technological breakthroughs have allowed us to present to you an ancient herb in a completely brand new format: Supercritical or CO2 extract is infused in a base of extra virgin olive oil. This enables a very stable and concentrated form that is very easily utilized by the body.

As a potent anti-oxidant turmeric is particularly effective in it’s ability to inhibit lipid peroxidation, the destruction of fat cells by free radicals. The fact that turmeric seeks out and absorbs into fat cells is the key to this fascinating power. By residing in the very cells that are targeted for destruction by oxidative molecules, turmeric protects your fat cells from being destroyed. Fat cells that do not have this protection actually add to the load of free radicals in your body when they are destroyed.

*Caution- people with gall stones or gallbladder disease: turmeric increases the flow of bile and detoxes the liver. Those with gall stones may experience a painful cleansing of gall stones if they ingest excessive amounts of turmeric, and should therefore only use small doses of turmeric until they feel comfortable with larger doses. Any increase of dosage should be done gradually to prevent painful experiences.

Suggested Use: 1 dropper-full, 1-2 times per day. Also apply to skin to speed healing. Benefits the skin in many ways and can enter the bloodstream transdermally. Please be mindful that it will stain skin orange temporarily. 

Ingredients: First Cold-pressed Tunisian Olive Oil*, CO2 extracted Turmeric Oil, Full Spectrum Turmeric Extract*, Whole Turmeric*, Sunflower Lecithin, Black Pepper*.  *Organic