Detoxify 50g

$ 16.00

Product Description

A highly effective formula designed to promote the safe and natural removal of heavy metals, radiation, and other toxic environmental residues from the body while supplying cell protective antioxidants and elimination regulating botanicals.

Exposure to environmental toxins is impossible to avoid.  They are in our water, air, food, soil, cars, and homes.   Consuming these clinically proven detoxification materials regularly will help to ensure that you do not accumulate toxic compounds that are linked to numerous health conditions. 

A comprehensive blood analysis has discovered an alarming level of toxins and metals in virtually everyone tested, even the umbilical cord of newborns has been found to contain over a hundred types of pesticides and flame retardants. 

This is the most effective technology that we know of for effectively removing all types of toxins from the body.  If is also much less expensive and does not deplete essential minerals like EDTA chelation therapy does.


Usage: Cleansing protocol: 2 tsp 2 times per day.  Maintenance Protocol:  1 tsp 1-2 times per day.  Mix into water on an empty stomach, before eating or taking other supplements/medications.  Great taken before bed and upon waking.   Be aware that you may find a need to urinate more often as this is the elimination pathway for this formula.