Chaga Mushroom Powder

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Product Description

Chaga is the highest known antioxidant substance and has very strong immune enhancing, anti-viral, geno-protective, and adaptogenic properties. Made with a blend of wild-crafted sclerotia and organically grown mycelium.

Chaga is the highest food source of Melanin. Melanin is concentrated in the skin, iris, inner ear, nervous system, and pineal gland which is conciderd a major spiritual center of the endocrine system relating with higher consciousness. Melanin is used by the body as a potent antioxidant, to absorb harmful UV radiation, and even neutralize radioactive treatments. Additionally, the ORAC score of wild chaga is 35,000 and contains a very high amount of alkaline forming minerals.

Usage: 1-2 tsp. twice daily in tea, smothie, water, or take straight.

Ingrediants: Organic Chaga mycelium and sclerotia, wild-harvested Chaga sclerotia, Organic myceliated brown rice. Product of USA. 15% Beta Glucan (Polysaccharide) content.