Cacao Powder 8oz

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Product Description

Real chocolate is hard to come by.  With the addition of the growing popularity around raw cacao products there is bound to be inferior cacao in the marketplace. 

 We have sourced a true Heirloom Cacao Powder that is harvested from pristine groves in Ecuador where all trees are a miimum of 30 years old or greater.  This cacao powder lacks any mycotoxin contamination and will never produce and jitteriness or adrenal response like most other raw cacao powders on the market. 

 Raw cacao is among the highest known source of antioxidants, magnesium, and iron.  It is also great for cardiovascular health and mood enhancement.

All chocolate comes from the cacao bean, which is actually a nut.  Historically, cacao was such a valued food and medicine it was used as money instead of gold by the Mayans and Aztecs.  Cacao is the most complex and nutrient dense food on this planet!  Cacao is known to put one more into their heart and help expand consciousness. The feel good effects of raw chocolate make it even more healthy and enjoyable.  Raw Cacao is available in the form of the whole beans, nibs(pieces of the bean), paste, powder, and butter.


Highest food source of Antioxidants– Higher than blueberries, red wine, acai,  pomegranates, and goji berries combined!

 Highest food source of Magnesium– 85% of Americans are deficient in this      critical mineral which is responsible for over 300 cellular process in the body.

Over 300% RDA of Iron per one ounce serving.  Highest food source!

Quite possibly the highest food source of Chromium– A trace mineral which    helps to balance blood sugar.

Contains PEA – a chemical associated with love, happiness, clarity, and focus

 Contains Anadamide – “The Bliss Chemical,” naturally produced after exercise

 Contains Theobromine – Active alkaloid in cacao which kills cavity causing germs (S. mutans)

 Typtophan – A heat sensitive essential amino acid used to produce seratonin and melatonin which aid in sleep and relaxation

 Also rich in Manganese, Copper, and Zinc.


 Blend into smoothies

 Sprinkle over ice cream or yogurt

 Use in brownies, cookies or other recipes

 Dip the paste in honey and banana flakes for an instant chocolate treat.

 Combine with maca root, and/or cayenne for a unique traditional synergy

 Eat with other superfoods like bee pollen, spirulina, coconut, or goji berries

 Chocolate Milk -Hot or Cold- Blend powder or paste into warm herbal tea or milk.

 Melt down the butter and add the powder to make your own chocolate