Bag of Tricks 8oz

$ 25.00

Product Description

This is a synergistic blend of heirloom super foods, food-sourced nutrients, tonic herbs, and minerals.  It may help to elevate the mood and reduce stress, modulate the immune system, increase brain function, balance hormones & blood sugar, and more by providing  minerals, antioxidants, alkaloids, vitamins, and many other nutrients in their native whole-food balanced form.  Imparts a sweet, creamy, malt-like flavor.

This unique super-food, super-herb blend is a culmination of years of research into the most beneficial tonic herbs for the person who has been overworked, stressed out, hormonally depleted, adrenal exhausted, or neurologically challenged.  It is also suitable for anyone who wishes to enhance creativity, athletic stamina and strength, brain function, hormone production, immune modulation, and libido.