Complete Bug-Out Kit

$ 340.00

The Simple Truth

  • Good Preparation and Conscious planning is what will make the difference in Surviving and Emergency vs. THRIVING an Emergency.
  • Being accountable for yourself and your loved ones in advance of an emergency situation provides comfort and peace of mind.
  • Knowing you have your essential needs covered in a stressful situation fosters clear thinking and right action.
  • Whether you are just beginning to think about preparedness, or are well on your way; we are pleased to support you and your family with our comprehensive line.
  • Designed for traveling, or hunkering down at home; our easy to use essentials will help you be prepared to THRIVE in the unexpected.

Our Complete Bug-Out Kit makes it easy to begin your preparedness plan.

Be Prepared to THRIVE!

Complete Bug-Out Kit Components:

(1) 72-hr instant meal kit, (1) 3.5 gallon Grab-n-Go water storage container (1) 100ft utility cord, (1) hand powered radio flashlight (radio, flashlight, siren, charger), (1) CPR mini-kit, (1) advanced water filtration bottle, (1) complete cooking kit (includes pot, stove, utensils, and fuel tabs) (4) box of waterproof matches, (1) 299 piece first-aid kit, (2) emergency blankets, (1) emergency sleeping bag, (1) tube tent, (1) heavy duty emergency tarp (5' x 7'), (2) emergency ponchos, (1) 8-in-1 flashlight/whistle tool, (1) magnesium fire flint starter, (2) carabiners, (1) 15" pry-bar, (2) 12hr glow sticks, (2) 50-hour emergency candles, (1) Pelican 2745 headlamp with batteries, (3) millennium energy bars (5-year shelf life), (1) 5.5" fixed blade neck knife with sheath, and (1) red emergency back-pack to carry gear in.