72 Hour Starter Kit

$ 179.95

The Simple Truth

  • Good Preparation and Conscious planning is what will make the difference in Surviving and Emergency vs. THRIVING an Emergency.
  • Being accountable for yourself and your loved ones in advance of an emergency situation provides comfort and peace of mind.
  • Knowing you have your essential needs covered in a stressful situation fosters clear thinking and right action.
  • Whether you are just beginning to think about preparedness, or are well on your way; we are pleased to support you and your family with our comprehensive line.
  • Designed for traveling, or hunkering down at home; our easy to use essentials will help you be prepared to THRIVE in the unexpected.

Our 72hr Starter Kit makes it easy to begin your preparedness plan.

Be Prepared to THRIVE!

Starter Kit Components:

(1) 3.5Gallon Grab-n-Go Water Storage Container (1) 100ft Utility Cord(1) Hand Powered Radio Flashlight (radio, flashlight, siren, charger), (1) CPR Mini-Kit

and (1) Personal Meal/Gear Pail Which Contains:
(1) advanced water filter, (1) folding stove with fuel, (1) 2-quart kettle with handle, (1) box of waterproof matches, (1) 6-in-1 pocket knife with detachable fork and spoon, (1) 53-piece first aid kit, (2) emergency blankets, (1) granola with milk and blueberries, (2) oatmeal with strawberries, (1) creamy rice with chicken, (1) pasta marinara with beef, (2) cheesy broccoli with rice, (1) chili macaroni with beef, (1) honey coated banana slices, (1) dehydrated apple slices

20 Servings . 6800 Calories . 20-yr Shelf Life